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I've always been fascinated by things that other people might find gross and having a pre-med roommate in college meant that there were often books filled with photos of parasites, suppurating wounds, weird tumors, etc. Great morning reading with a cup of coffee.

This community is for people who share that interest and is specifically focussed on photos of people's own wounds that they think others would be interested in. Cuts, scraps, boils, bites, stings, boils, bruises.

Please no full-on gore - wait to clean the thing up before you take the picture. Also no pictures from other sources. This is about *your* wounds or those of your close friends and family.

Also, PLEASE no purposely-inflicted damage. Self-inflicted by accident, sure, and I can't clearly define while accidentally cutting yourself and then taking a picture is OK but cutting yourself on purpose and documenting it isn't, but for the purposes of this journal that's how it needs to work.

It's not about purposeful body mods.

One last rule - ALWAYS put the pictures behind a cut. Post a description and then put in a cut - people should have the ability to join this community but skip over the pictures when they're not in the mood. Anyone who posts without a cut will be banned.